Classes in interior design and other workshops

Claire Aumont here:

I am passionate about design, I love talking about it and I love sharing my passion and knowledge with every one around me. Above is a picture of a class I took to a well known local and large furniture shop where we discussed how to shop efficiently and how to avoid the common pitfalls when sourcing for your home project.

You can catch me at one of the interior design sessions at Luxembourg Accueil – I teach beginner and advanced classes in both French and English -.

For more information about this association and how to register for my classes, go directly to their website:

Alternatively if you are part of a group of people sharing the same interest for the subject or if you want to receive advice on specific aspects of interior decoration, I can design a one-off workshop to cater for your needs and questions.

I have taught in the past for the American Women’s Club and for the International Women’ Association, both based in Dublin, Ireland.

Testimony from Silvana, who attended both beginner and advanced classes:

I am always interested in design, colour, form, new and old materials and decorating a home. When I came across this course I knew it would satisfy all the aspects I relish about design, and that was precisely the case. The course moves through design and décor in a very relaxed and pleasant manner. We had plenty of room for discussion and questions. The explanations in every class is clear and very professional and without any great effort, one absorbs all the information given through pictures and materials shared. Truly an excellent experience I will repeat any time.

Testimony from Marie-France, who attended the beginner class:

Claire Aumont est passionnée par son métier et cela se sent ! Elle n’épargne ni son temps ni son énergie pour partager son art avec un enthousiasme sans faille. Très professionnelle et d’une grande générosité, Claire n’hésite jamais à puiser dans ses expériences, même personnelles, pour expliquer des concepts de façon claire, pragmatique et très concrète. Au fil des ans, elle a développé une technique de décoration intérieure infaillible et complète. Elle n’hésite pas à amener des kilos d’échantillons, à échanger avec ses élèves et à donner des tuyaux très pratiques. Jamais elle ne juge mais au contraire, elle explique pour amener ses élèves à développer au mieux leurs connaissances et leur intérieur. Je ne peux que la recommander très chaleureusement !

For more details, call me at + 352 621 355 207 or contact me: