Consultation Services in real estate

To all future vendors who will privately advertise their property:

For a property valuation and for a written personalised guideline on “how to put your property on the market?” (what documents to gather for the sale, what arguments can you use during the negotiations).

To all who are buying a property:

Whether you are buying through an estate agent or you simply wish to have an external opinion, we review for you all the documents regarding the property and the transaction itself. We advise you how to avoid pitfalls and how to secure the best deal.

Jan O. availed of this service and this is what he has to say about it:

What did this service bring you?

“It brought me a confidence and certainty when deciding to work and live in Luxembourg.”

What would you say to someone who is a buyer like you?

“Find a reliable trustworthy agent as Claire is.”

To all future tenants who rent a property without an estate agent as an intermediary

Some properties are advertised privately so it is up to the landlord to draft the rental contract. This contract is a legal document regardless of who has prepared it. We often received calls from tenants who find themselves into tricky situations that poorly drafted contracts did not anticipate: in some documents, the rental renewal procedure is unclear, in some others, the entry and exit inventories are simply not planned for. Similarly tenants do not realise that they have signed and approved some contract clauses, which are legally simply unacceptable.

This is why we offer to review these contratcs and advise future tenants on what their rental contract should include and exclude.

To all future tenants who rent a property without an estate agent as an intermediary and who do not speak French

The Luxembourgish rental contrats are drafted in the official French language; we translate them into English for you and we explain to you what each clause really means and why it is to be included.