Design services

You are intending on managing your project yourself but you want to make sure it is well planned for and you want to make sure your ideas can be communicated clearly to the teams in charge of the building and decoration work.

Design projects are kicked off with an initial consultation where we define the project, the requirements and the tastes of the client. The interior designer follows on with suggested designs until one is approved by the client.

Once your design is agreed, the interior designer prepares plans and technical specifications to be passed onto the various tradesmen. Typically documents provided can be:

An electric and lighting plan,

A kitchen layout,

Bathroom layout,

Drawings of the integrated pieces of furniture such as wardrobes,

A furniture plan,

Mood and colour boards,

Flooring layout,

Technical specifications for the tilers, the elctricians, the painters and the carpenters.

The client receives also a shopping list of all the furniture and materials that have to be purchased.

These services are first quoted for and then formalised in a contract of engagement.

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