Home staging


Home Staging is a property valorisation method which has proven to be effective in generating faster sales or sales for higher values.

Your property will need to be highly distinctive, especially if it is in competition with many other similar properties or if the market is going through on a down turn.

In the same way that prospectors make their mind up shortly after entering the property, 95% of them spend 20 seconds looking at the first picture while 41% of them totally ignore the descriptive text.

Visual appeal is essential. Click on our Home Staging Projects to see for yourself how much value Home Staging adds to your property.


You identify and put forward all the positive aspect of your property,

You make it stand out from the crowd and generate more visits from buyers,

You eliminate arguments for a lower selling price.

According to research worldwide, home staging expenses usually do not exceed 1 or 2% of the property selling price whereas a negotiation between vendors and buyers frequently lead to a reduction of the selling price of 10 to 15%.


4 possible formulas with a professional qualified as an interior designer and a real estate agent

Formula 1: visit of your property and oral review of all the tasks to undertake to de-personnalise and:

  • Repair the small defaults that a person living in the property does not notice anymore but which will be noticed right away by the visitors,
  • Reduce the number of furniture and accessories to a minimum,
  • Tidy the clutter up and improve the storage facilities,
  • Refresh and neutralize the space with the right colours so the visitors can picture themselves living there,
  • Re-arrange the remaining furniture to open the space and maximize the volumes,
  • Re-valorise the property by staging a welcoming and calm atmosphere.

The duration of the visit depends on the size of the property, inside and outside (the immediate surroundings, the garage, the patio area). As an indication a 2 hour visit is usually sufficient for a property of 100m2, and a 4 hour visit for a property of up to 300m2.

Formula 2: visit of your property, oral review and preparation of a written prescriptive report.

In this report, you find all the recommendations made verbally, plus the detailed list of all small items to be purchased (with pictures) and of paint/materials to be used (with references).

The report is submitted as a pfd document within 48 hours after the visit.

Formula 3: visit of your property, oral review and preparation of a written report including all recommendations given verbally and home staging recommendations undertaken by our team.

The duration of the small tasks vary from one project to another but the de-cluttering tasks together with those of furniture re-arrangement and of revalorization are all undertaken in 1 or 2 days.

Formula 4 : visit of your property, oral review and preparation of a written report including all recommendations given verbally, home staging recommendations undertaken by our team and professional pictures taken for the advertisement campaign.

This formula is particularly suitable for the sellers who will not require the services of an estate agency to sell their property.

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