One-off consultations

You want to carry your interior design project yourself but you feel you need some help to get started.

Monde Avenir gives you the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements with an experienced interior designer, to help and enable you to achieve your desired objectives.

More specifically:

  • We meet on site, if at all possible, otherwise we meet in your home,
  • We define your requirements as a user,
  • We analyse the potential of the space in terms of layout and lighting,
  • We develop a suitable style for you and your space,
  • The interior designer suggests suitable materials for the floors, the walls, and all other surfaces such as integrated fittings and moveable furniture,
  • The interior designer quantifies your needs in term of artificial lighting and advises you on the most suitable colour schemes, the volume and size of the furniture, fittings and fixtures to be sourced.

Similarly, you may need help with purchasing materials and furniture. We can meet at suppliers’ showrooms and other commercial outlets.


We only charge for the time spent with the clients, travelling time is not billed for.

Travelling expenses are not charged unless I intervene outside of Luxembourg.

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