Our buy and sell services


To all future vendors: property valuation

A written evaluation is submitted within 48 hours of the property visit.

The valuation is free if we receive the mandate (*) to sell.

To all future vendors who trust us with a full service … and more: a free Home Staging report (as described on the Home Staging page)

At Monde Avenir we have tried to establish an equitable balance between the services we offer to the vendor and those we offer to the buyer.

Here is what we do and why …

We estimate the property Vendor and buyer We refuse to take on properties, which are not priced fairly. Our estimations are based on the market’s actual figures and not on the vendor’s personal expectations.
We check the property’s paperwork Vendor and buyer We verify that the vendor is the legal owner of the property for sale; we confirm that the property details are properly registered and that no surprises will be unearthed after the signing of the Compromis de Vente. At that point in time, the sale contract is valid and cannot be reversed.
We write the advertisements Vendor and buyer We describe the property as it is, we do not lure anyone into believing that what we offer is any different from what it really is.
We take pictures of the property Vendor and buyer We do not use either photoshop or special lens to distort the volumes of the properties.
We publish and manage the advertisement Vendor and buyer We tailor each property’s advertisement campaign so as to reach its targeted market.
We manage the requests from prospectors Vendor and buyer We respond to all calls and mails. We send out property brochures in several languages as required.
We organise as many visits as necessary Vendor and buyer The number of visits is also unlimited for each prospector. We organise them outside of business hours and business days so as to accommodate prospectors’ busy schedules.
We check the seriousness and the solvency of each applicant before we run their files by the vendor. Vendor and buyer We want both parties to avoid wasting time and energy.
We negotiate the price offer between the buyer and the vendor Vendor and buyer We do not pressurise any party into signing a deal they are not confortable with.
We draft and organise the signature of the Compromis de Vente Vendor and buyer Our Compromis de Vente are checked by the notaries involved in the signature of the Acte de Vente so as to ensure all necessary clauses are properly inserted.
We assist both parties until the signature of the Acte de Vente Vendor and buyer It is in everyone’s interest (including ours) that all transactions go smoothly!
Share portfolio with other trusted partners Vendor and buyer Our objective is to match a property with a suitable prospector in the most efficient possible manner; we often share our portfolio of properties and our address book with trusted colleagues. In the case of a successful collaboration, the pre-determined agent commission is split between the 2 agencies at no extra costs to the vendor.

(*) A mandate in this case is actually a commercial contract, which is signed by both vendor and agent to officialise the appointment of the agent as the selling agent. It is different from the traditional mandate which allows the agent to sell on behalf of the vendor (i.e. act as the official signatory of the Acte de Vente at the Notaire’s).