Our relocation services for expatriates

We offer property hunting and relocation services for those who have yet to arrive in Luxembourg.

These services also include the followings:

  • discovery of the surrounding neighbourhoods,
  • contact with the local schools,
  • contact with the local authorities for registration,
  • contact with other institutions and services providers as necessary,
  • initial set-up into your new home.


Property hunting is a contractual service aimed at those who wish to delegate their search for a property or who want to be accompanied in their search process.

The advantages of property hunting:

The delegation of the property search is an irrefutable time saver to all the clients who wish to invest their energy into other activities.

Monde Avenir undertakes all the searches instead of the prospector.

We only suggest to you properties, which criteria clearly correspond to the pre-defined ones.

Our research field is wider than the one accessible to the general public.

We work closely with private persons and companies, estate agencies, notaries, wealth managers and other property investment companies.

Defining the ideal property:

A list of requirements is established with the prospector before any contractual engagement. The criteria must be realistic, especially with regards to the budget. No one can ignore the reality of the Luxembourgish real estate market at the time of prospection.

The contractual steps:

  • Once the property criteria are clearly defined and approved by both parties, a commercial contract for property hunting is signed and we start the property search.
  • According the contract modalities, also pre-agreed, we visit potential properties and select the relevant ones that we submit to the client in the form of a file containing pictures and complete descriptions.
  • We also arrange visits with the clients if requested.
  • Once the property is chosen, we assist the client in his process to rent or to buy, particularly with regards to obtaining the legal and administrative documents and the review of the contracts to be signed.
  • The contract for property hunting expires when one of the following conditions is met:
    1. When the client decides to acquire or rent one of the properties presented by Monde Avenir during the duration of the contract. Monde Avenir confirms the termination of the contract by letter.
    2. When the contract expires without any properties having met the client’s approval.
  • When the client decides to terminate the contract before it expires, and by sending his written request to Monde Avenir by registered post.

The average duration of a contract for property hunting is of one month for a search for a rental property and of three months for a search for a property to buy.


For having found a property to be purchased, the remuneration is 1% of the purchase price, exc. VAT. This remuneration is due on the day the “compromis de vente” is signed.

For having found a rental property, the remuneration is equal to one month rent, exc. VAT, and it cannot exceed a maximum of 2000 euros. This remuneration is due on the day the rental contract is signed.

For the investment of a professional hunting agent is real, costly and time consuming, a financial compensation is asked if, at the end of contract, the client has declined all 5 properties or more, which were suggested and, which did fulfil the critical criteria.

The compensation is then of 0.3% of the pre-defined budget for a property to buy; it is of 1000 euros for a property to rent.

The same compensation is due when the contract is terminated by the client before the expiration date (by registered letter).

If the property chosen by the client, whether it is to buy or to rent, is a property which was held in Monde Avenir’s portfolio of properties, the hunting fees are waived.

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