Property Hunting

Page updated on 1st September 2019

On behalf of our clients we are looking for the following properties:

To buy: a 1 bedroom apartment in Differdange with a parking space, for 350000 euros,

To buy: a 150 m2 office space in Luxembourg-Ville,

To buy: a 150m2 house with a garage in Strassen,

To buy a 3 bed apartment around Luxembourg-Ville,

To buy: a 200m2 house with an attached 200m2 storeroom in the south of Luxembourg, preferably around Esch,

To buy: a house to renovate in the south of Luxembourg, 380 000 euros max.,

To buy: a 3 bedroom house or a 3 bed apartment with access to garden/terrace between Mamer and Steinfort, budget 650 000 euros,

To buy: detached houses in the communes of Niederanven and Schuttrange,

To buy: a large working space for workshops, 100m2, in the west of Luxembourg-Ville,

To buy: a 2/3 bedroom apartments or small houses in the west part of Luxembourg with easy access to the European School Lux 2, and/or easy access to the Belgian border,

To buy: 3 bedroom houses north or north-east of Lux-Ville for budgets ranking from 700 000 to 1 200 000 euros,

To buy: 3 bedroom properties in Strassen,

To buy: 2 & 3 bedroom apartments in Luxembourg-Ville,

To buy: a house with space for professional activities around Ettelbruck or Mersch for 650 000 euros,

To rent : studios and 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroom apartments and houses in Luxembourg-Ville,

To rent: 4 bedroom house in Bertrange, Belair, Merl or Cents,

To rent: a 2/3 bedroom in Capellen, Mamer, Bertrange or Strassen,

To rent: a small storeroom + office in the south of Lux-Ville.

You are a landlord or a vendor and one of your properties matches the above description,

Call us at +352 621 355 207 or drop us a line at


Property hunting is a contractual service aimed at those who wish to delegate their search for a property.

The advantages of property hunting:

The delegation of the property search is an irrefutable time saver to all the clients who wish to invest their energy into other activities; alternatively they may be based outside of Luxembourg or they may be looking for something unusual that is not advertised on the market.

Monde Avenir undertakes all the searches instead of the prospector.

We only suggest to you properties, which criteria clearly correspond to the pre-defined ones.

Our research field is wider than the one accessible to the general public.

We work closely with private persons and companies, estate agencies, notaries, wealth managers and other property investment companies.

Defining the ideal property:

A list of requirements is established with the prospector before any engagement. The criteria must be realistic, especially with regards to the budget. No one can ignore the reality of the Luxembourgish real estate market at the time of prospection.

For more details and for a copy of our brochure of services, contact us: +352 621 355 207 or