Our rental services

To all future tenants who rent a property without an estate agent as an intermediary

Some properties are advertised privately so it is up to the landlord to draft the rental contract. This contract is a legal document regardless of who has prepared it. We often received calls from tenants who find themselves into tricky situations that poorly drafted contracts did not anticipate: in some documents, the rental renewal procedure is unclear, in some others, the entry and exit inventories are simply not planned for. Similarly tenants do not realise that they have signed and approved some contract clauses, which are legally simply unacceptable.

This is why we offer to review these contratcs and advise future tenants on what their rental contract should include and exclude.

To all future tenants who rent a property without an estate agent as an intermediary and who do not speak French

The Luxembourgish rental contrats are drafted in the official French language; we translate them into English for you and we explain to you what each clause really means and why it is to be included. For this service, we charge by the hour.

To all future tenants who trust us with their property rental 

At Monde Avenir we have tried to establish an equitable balance between the services we offer to the landlord who commissions us and the tenant who pays us. Both parties must feel that they are entering into a fair contract.

Our fees must be representative of the work we undertake and must reflect our professional liability in drawing up the legal contract that is the rental contract.

Here is what we do and why …


We estimate the rent Landlord and tenant We refuse to take on properties which are not priced fairly. Our estimations are based on the market’s actual figures and not on the landlord’s personal expectations.
We write the advertisements Landlord and tenant We describe the property as it is, we do not lure anyone into believing that what we offer is any different from what it really is.
We take pictures of the property Landlord and tenant We do not use either photoshop or special lens to distort the volumes of the properties.
We publish and manage the advertisement Landlord and tenant We publish on AtHome – the leading Luxembourgish real estate platform – and we appear on Houser – the platform which tracks every property on the local market -.

We go the extra mile by contacting directly people and organisations that might be able to act as intermediaries; they are relocation companies, businesses,…

We therefore ensure maximum visibility at all times

We manage the requests from prospectors Landlord and tenant We respond to all calls and mails. We send out property brochures in several languages as required.
We organise as many visits as necessary Landlord and tenant The number of visits is also unlimited for each prospector. We organise them outside of business hours and business days so as to accommodate prospectors’ busy schedules.
We check the seriousness and the solvency of each applicant before we run their files by the landlord. Landlord and tenant We want both parties to avoid wasting time and energy.
We review the terms and the conditions of the rental contract. Landlord and tenant Both parties must understand which clauses it is necessary to include and what they imply.
We organise the entry and the exit inventories. Landlord and tenant Both inventories are integral parts of the contract. They must be fair, in writing and must include pictures.
We ensure that the contract is duly respected, particularly with regards to the handover of the keys. Landlord and tenant All due payments are to be honoured only after the signature of the rental contract but before the keys are handed over to the tenant.

Once the tenant has been handed over the key, he / she can move in with the reassurance that all tasks have been completed and that he / she will not be disturbed.

We deal with the contract changeovers for the electricity and the gas accounts. Landlord and tenant We save time to both parties.
Share portfolio with other trusted partners Landlord and tenant Our objective is to match a property with a suitable prospector in the most efficient possible manner; we often share our portfolio of properties and our address book with trusted colleagues. In the case of a successful collaboration, the pre-determined agent commission is split between the 2 agencies at no extra costs to the tenant.

(*) Subject to conditions


Agency Fees are based on the duration of the rent:

Between 1 and 3 months: 300 euros + vat@17%

Between 3 & 6 months: 500 euros + vat @ 17%

Over 6 months: 1 month rent (excluding charges) + vat @ 17%


Contact us: +352 621 355 207 or contact@mondeavenir.lu